Versatile Programmer/Analyst


Christopher Wolcott

Marietta, GA  30067


P R O F E S S I O N A L   S U M M A R Y

Extensive experience in developing data solutions, engineering software applications and conceptualizing models of current and future systems. Enjoys working with technology and interfaces, analyzing and researching problems and finding practical solutions. Natural mentor, able to translate complex technical information into a form understandable by non-technical people.

T E C H N I C A L   E X P E R T I S E


IBM 4341 / AS/400 / iSeries

PC Platforms







IBM OS/400 (through V5R4M0)

OS/2 Warp & Warp Server (SMP)


Windows (NT / NT Server / XP / Vista / 7)

Novell Netware (3.15 - 4.15)




IBM Integrated Language Environment (ILE) & Original Program Model (OPM)








C (PC / iSeries) / C# (PC)



JAVA (PC / AS/400 / iSeries)

SQL (Stored Procedures / User Defined Functions)



XML (/w SAX2 / DOM)



IBM DB2/400 (Physical Files / Logical Files / Triggers / Journals)



MQ Series

VB .net (2008, 2010)
























Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, 2010



C A R E E R   E X P E R I E N C E


Assurant Solutions • Atlanta, GA

2006 to Present

Research, design, write and maintain application programs in ILE RPG/4, CL & SQL on IBM i-Series (AS/400). Work with end users to gather requirements. Design, code and test soulutions. Assist end users with Uers Acceptance Tests. Use interactive SQL to query and update test files.

  • Backup TURNOVER Administrator. Provides promotion support to other programmers.

  • Updated Programming Standards manual – Programs follow similar logic and are therefore easier to understand and maintain..

  • Initiated 'Lunch & Learn' program to bring staff up to speed on newer technologies – Allows new technologies to be introduced and understood by the whole staff..

  • Developed prototype copybooks and service programs to provide IFS access from RPG, Program Message handling, Date handling & conversion functions, Pop-up List windows, Credit Card manipulation functions & Tax Calculation functions. Modular logic is easier to maintain.

  • Helped develop Web Service prototypes and Web Service Standards manual. Reuse existing logic and make available to other platforms.

  • Responsible for Credit Card Billing & Multi-National Sales Tax Calculation aspects of application.

  • Worked on PCI Compliance project. Wrote service program interfaces to third-party encryption product for use by all programs.

Lead Architect

nuBridges, LLC / TrailBlazer Systems Inc. • Atlanta, GA

2003 to 2006

Researched, designed, wrote and maintained application programs in ILE RPG/4, C, CL, SQL and JAVA on IBM i-Series (AS/400). Workws with other architects to develop multi-platform applications. Worked with Product Support staff to assist with complex customer issues. Used interactive SQL to query and update test files.

  • Researched requirements, designed and wrote RPG ILE framework to allow automated Drummond EDI Certification tests. Later rewrote as JAVA application using XML SAX2 and JDBC.

  • Wrote RPG ILE with embedded SQL to manipulate DB2/400 data.

  • Designed and wrote RPG & C based service program routines to implement automatic and manual blocking of inbound IP addresses.

  • Drove project to enable Large File Support (> 4GB) in all our i-Series based C applications. This included PGP, ZIP, FTP and EDI servers and clients.

  • Developed deployment plan for MKS Implementer source control product. Application provided true version control and promotion controls reducing errors and wasted time.

Contract Programmer

Contract Staffing Services • Birmingham, AL

2003 to 2003

Worked with COBOL on multiple platforms. Provided assistance to others when required, suggested improvements where possible.

Technical Specialist II

CSC’s Healthcare Group • Birmingham, AL

1997 to 2002

Worked with project teams to provide general technical support for company's AS/400 COBOL based insurance application. Gathered system requirements, designed and wrote programs in JAVA, SQL, COBOL OPM & ILE and CL OPM & ILE for more technically advanced projects. Used both COBOL I-O and embedded SQL to maintain DB2 database. Created and maintained system routines in ILE Service Programs used by application programs. Also provided AS/400 operations and maintenance support. I worked with JAVA when it first became available on the AS/400. During the development of the pilot for our web interface, the application evolved from using applets on the front end and the JAVA AS/400 TOOLBOX on the back end to a browser front end and database access on the back end via SQL calls. As the pilot matured into a stable application, a completely new department was formed to take over further development and I gradually moved on to other projects.

  • Researched requirements, designed and wrote JAVA based pilot project for web interface product using IBM's WebSphere Application Server. Entire depart developed from my initial work.

  • Installed and maintained IBM WebSphere servers on development and QA AS/400's and NT Servers.

  • Wrote JAVA based XML editor to automatically add appropriate entries for the application to the WebSphere configuration file. Speed up deployments and reduced errors.

  • Researched and implemented TCP/IP requirements to send e-mail pages when disk space got critical. Notified team even if off site if critical errors occurred.

  • Redesigned data conversion process to be an adaptive multi-tasking framework capable of running multiple file conversions while maintaining dependency order and error tracking & reporting. Reduced conversion time from 3 days to 5 hours.


Conway Computer Group • Jackson, MS

1996 to 1997

Consulted in various environments, including multi-server Novell networking and AS/400 setup & programming.

Senior Programmer/Analyst

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority • Pensacola, FL

1991 to 1996

Administered company’s token-ring network consisting of a Netware 4.1 server with IPX, an AS/400 with SNA and an OS/2 WARP SERVER using TCP/IP & NetBios. Maintained RPG III Purchasing Inventory and Fleet Management applications on the AS/400. Evaluated and recommended software and hardware for company use. Served as Acting Director of MIS in the event of the department director and supervising analyst’s absence.

  • Installed and maintained Novell 3.15 network server and upgraded same though 4.1 release. Installed and managed smart hubs and tracked usage of server based application software.

  • Installed and maintained PC hardware and software, including operating systems.

  • Designed and implemented RPG based pop-up screen for CSRs to allow them to generate specific letters. Using pop-up window, letters could be chosen and automatically generated along with envelope and a note placed in customer file. Provided standard text and saved time it took to manually type.

  • Designed and wrote C application on the PC to manipulate billing data from hand-held devices and transfer data between hand-held devices and the AS/400.


CSC / CDSI • Pensacola, FL

1987 to 1991

Worked as contract COBOL programmer in a mainframe/midrange environment. Designed program functions, including screen and report layouts. Coordinated daily activities of up to three programmers on specified projects.

  • Designed and wrote program to standardize name format in existing free-form name fields.

  • Designed and wrote program to provide mail-merge capability, with replaceable text at the command, base, school and class levels. Letters could be generated on request or automatically generated by trigger events.

  • Worked on program suite to randomize question order and answer order within questions for standardized tests. Provided means to reassemble questions and answers into original order so tests could be graded by scanner.

E D U C A T I O N   &  T R A I N I N G

University of West Florida

Major: Systems Science

Pensacola, FL

IBM Certified OS/2 Expert

IBM Certified AS/400 Professional Operator

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