OSDude's Sailing BLog

Been a while

May 3, 2016
While the O'Day 23 was a great first boat, it was time to upgrade.  After many years of searching for 'Our' boat, we found her: A 1985 Catalina 30 Mk I SR with fin keel.  We kept her name - 'Pretty Girl' and proceeded with another refit.  We added an electric head, Reverse A/C and some upgraded electronics.  We also rebedded the starboard side port-lights, which were leaking. Pretty Girl has a deeper main cabin (About 3') than did Yanqui, so we had to make so accommodations for our dog Sophie.

Spring Has Spung (Almost)

March 26, 2015
After a busy year that unfortunately did not include much sailing, a new sailing season is upon us.  I am waiting for a nice warm, dry day to go up and check on the boat and get her ready for this year.  I brought my sail & tiller covers home for some repairs, and they are ready to go back.  I miss getting to sail like I used to.  I hope things work out so that I can get out on the lake again more often this year.

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Getting Ready for Winter

November 25, 2012
Winter has dropped it's veil upon us here in Atlanta.  I will soon be pulling YANQUI for a while to do some additional maintenance and upgrades.  Being an hour away, it is nice to be able to trailer her home and work on her in the side yard.  I hope to have her back in the water in time to do som sailing in the new year.  I hope this winter is as warm as last!  (I hope we (i.e. the Lake) get a LOT of rain too!)

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May 17, 2011 - Purchased

September 11, 2012
Well, I did it.  I was looking for a good sized boat that I could still single hand, and found this 1983 O'Day 23 model 2.  The boat was in good shape, and the prices was right, so I purchased her.  She is my first 'REAL' boat, my first being a Dolphin Sr. that I sailed while in Jr./Sr. High School. 

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